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Our mission is to serve young adults worldwide with expert life coaches, therapeutic support, nature-based leadership opportunities, and individualized career planning.


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For some, coaching is short-term support during times of transition. But for others, it is a life-long relationship to achieve serial goals in social and career pursuits. As occupational therapists, we at iElevate provide guidance for helpful adaptation, remediation, and workable plans to help you improve quality of life in your activities of daily living, relationships, and career. This guidance can assist you with positive habit formation, routines for successful work, the design of daily rituals to help you complete work and school tasks, tips for improved relationships with family members, finding social supports, and improving emotional learning. At iElevate we provide access to dependable, high quality, coaching focused on the needs of our neurodiverse clients. In short, we want to be the "coach in your pocket", to give you a more accessible, high quality, happier, and productive life.


Our Story

Danielle's coaching company stemmed from her app concept, Podium, which was a job interviewing prep tool on the iPad for teens with higher functioning ASD. The app, never made public, was pilot tested in 2016 at Aspire Mass General with teens on the Spectrum who were going through an internship prep program. Teens had the chance to record a video and analyze their eyes, speech changes, and expressions while answering a series of job interview questions customized by Aspire in the app. After Danielle finished her Master's degree as an Occupational Therapist, she realized the huge need for transition resources and mentorship for teens and adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities or Autism. iElevate was a natural solution with her own brand, that grew from this need. iElevate is now a Pilot Test Partner of VI Ready Virtual Job Interview Simulator, invented by the engineering team of the Dan Marino Foundation. We are proud to partner with the Dan Marino Foundation on the development of VI Ready. Click below to read about VI Ready.

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Client Testimonials

iElevate Tech & Consulting believes in delivering a meaningful therapeutic relationship, goal-oriented solutions, providing positive feedback and empathy in interactions, and giving our clients autonomy in their coaching pathway. Take a look below to learn more about why our clients find success with us.


31 Yrs. on the spectrum

"Working with Danielle has been helpful in this pandemic. I need someone to help me when I'm forlorn. Danielle is a splendid coach. The workout sessions and time management strategies she taught me have helped me get back on my feet in this crisis."


21 Yrs. on the spectrum

"Coaching is really important to me because it gives me the confidence and the motivation I need to complete goals that I set for myself. I have tried many different life coaches but Danielle has been the right one for me."


19 Yrs. Asperger's

Because of Danielle's coaching, I learned how to better present myself in a professional environment, create a well organized resume, and seek freelance opportunities. I learned to organize my thoughts for better communication, and to add enthusiasm to my tone. Now, I am joining the army with great motivation, which will secure my education and future financial stability.



Where the Passion Begins

Danielle Feerst, OTR/L

Founder & Head Coach

Danielle is an Occupational Therapist licensed in South Carolina and Alaska, with a master's degree from Tufts University. She works as a nonprofit consultant, life coach, and pediatric OT in Charleston and Beaufort County, South Carolina.
Danielle founded a company called AutismSees in 2014 and developed an iPad app called Podium for job interview prep for teens with ASD. After completing her app project and Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Psychology, she chose to redesign the iPad app as an imagined coaching platform that could support her services and other therapist's efforts to virtually provide mentorship for the Autism young adult community. Danielle now runs iElevate full time, and contracts with nonprofits for consulting work periodically.


Maddie Gies

Peer Mentor

Maddie Gies is a current Occupational Therapy Doctorate Student at the Medical University of South Carolina. In May 2021, she graduated Summa cum laude from The College of Charleston with a B.S. in Special Education while minoring in Medical Humanities. In undergrad, she served as a leader in several campus organizations and orchestrated service projects for the Charleston community. Maddie has 9+ years of experience working with teens and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. Her current research interests include Autism Spectrum Disorder in Females, and Occupational Therapy’s role in the field of Oncology, specifically in the pediatric population. At MUSC, she is active with the Office of Health Humanities and regularly volunteers with Child Life. Maddie has been part of the iElevate team for 3 years and works as a Peer Mentor/Coach, operates the companies social media, writes blog posts, and aids with marketing strategies. Her favorite part of working with iElevate Technology and Consulting is using Motivational Interviewing techniques and aspects of the Co-Op Model to empower clients to grow and see their full potential.

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Caroline Campoine

Peer Mentor

Caroline Campione is currently a Masters of Occupational Therapy student at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Caroline is very passionate about her future in therapy, and plans to graduate in the year of 2023. Before she began graduate school, she had experience as an applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy Line-Therapist through Agapi Behavioral Consultants. She is a multi-year volunteer with the FitCatz Motor & Aquatic Therapy Program and numerous other therapeutic sites. In the past, Caroline has taught classes in many different backgrounds- from classes at summer camps to classes for veterans in the Veteran’s Association in numerous cities. During a senior internship at the College of Charleston, she facilitated and organized the VA’s Red Coat Ambassador Program as well. Caroline has been working with iElevate for 3 years as a Peer/Mentor coach, and has been loving every minute of being part of the team! Caroline is here to help her clients as they continue down the path together to achieve optimal health and well-being for each individual.


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