I help neurodiverse young adults develop the people and personal skills to land a job, build a career, and have a successful life.



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Founder & Head Coach

Danielle is a people magnet and has been a valued speaker, leader, and team player on every major project and company she's worked for, inspiring people to TAKE ACTION.  

Now, in a 8-week career coaching course, she will teach you to vibrate at that same energy and tap into your true calling.

This approach to career development addresses underlying issues with self-worth, confidence, communication, skills, and resilience necessary for success in professional development FOR YOUNG ADULTS.

Learn to harness your unique talents and OWN your story. 



Parent of 26 year old with Asperger's

"Danielle and the iElevate team have been a fabulous resource for our son as he has navigated postgraduate life during the pandemic. Finding employment can be challenging in the best of times, but has been especially difficult the last two years. The coaching sessions with Danielle and Maddie have kept Will positive and moving in the right direction toward achieving his goals during a period when he has often felt isolated and discouraged.  I highly recommend iElevate; they have provided the consistent support my son has needed both personally and professionally."

21 year old on the Spectrum

"Coaching is really important to me because it gives me the confidence and the motivation I need to complete goals that I set for myself. I have tried many different life coaches but Danielle has been the right one for me."

19 year old on the Spectrum

"Because of Danielle's coaching, I learned how to better present myself in a professional environment, create a well organized resume, and seek freelance opportunities. I learned to organize my thoughts for better communication, and to add enthusiasm to my tone. Now, I am joining the army with great motivation, which will secure my education and future financial stability."