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B. F. Age 23

"Coaching is really important to me because it gives me the confidence and the motivation I need to complete goals that I set for myself. I have tried many different life coaches but Danielle has been the right one for me."

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About Us

iElevate career coaching is the premier neurodivergent coaching program for young adults and teens ages 18-30 years old, run by all young adult Occupational Therapists, with a clinical background in helping young adults with Autism, ADHD, and other learning differences. Danielle Feerst, OTR/L has partnered with Mentra, to help hire and source neurodivergent talent for her own coaching company, as well as provide her clients access to Mentra's employment network. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, iElevate can work virtually with any client seeking advice on professional development, relationship and life skill success during the young adult journey. Our 12-week iElevate Your Career crash course and coaching program allows clients to work in a self-paced environment and network with our own iElevate employer community. Skills we work on include values identification, purpose-driven living, mission statement and networking alignment, independent living and life balance, pitching your brand and marketing your skills to employers, portfolio development and more. Our mission is to provide the people and personal skills for neurodiverse young adults to land a job, build the career of their dreams, and have a successful life. Our vision is that every neurodiverse teen and young adult in America will have a coach in their pocket and a mentor during the young adult journey.

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Answers to your questions and why you should book a consultation TODAY!

What someone works with you, what is the structure? What are the results that you are helping clients achieve? Why is this different than other programs?

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