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Danielle Feerst, OTR/L

Founder & Coach

Danielle has a master's degree in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Tufts University. She specializes in spirituality, young adults, Autism and ADHD. Danielle also consults through her company for nonprofits and technology startups impacting the neurodivergent community.
Danielle is a people magnet and has been a valued speaker, leader, and team player on every major project and company she's worked for, inspiring people to take action. Her approach to career development addresses underlying issues with self-worth, confidence, communication, and resilience necessary for success in the professional world for young adults, especially if they are neurodiverse. Learn to harness your unique talents and own your story.

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Danielle's young adult coaching practice helps neurodiverse young adults and employees develop professional skills: improved time management, executive functioning skills, social and communication skills needed to land jobs and build a successful career. Her coaching follows access to a 12-week online course that she has built to help keep her clients motivated between coaching calls and improve outcomes. Her vision is that every neurodiverse teen and young adult in America will have access to personalized mentoring support for career success. Danielle works with the whole person, not a diagnosis, and establishes a values-based, person-centered approach to tackling issues with landing a job and retaining or moving up in a career you love. Parent consultation for successful transition to young adulthood is included in her coaching approach, for those families who are still supporting a loved one transitioning into the workforce. Danielle has successfully helped all of her clients navigate key transitions with work or relationships, and has recently been recognized by "Not your Mama's Autism" parent support podcast, which will release her recording soon. For more information on her coaching approach, or to include Danielle in an EAP Benefits Package for Managerial Training and Employee support, click to book a FREE consultation.

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Service Offerings

Introductory Consultation

Receive a 1 hour free consultation. Using our 5-step model, receive instant career advice. Learn about our 12-week program.

Job Coaching

iElevate Your Career is our 12-week program walking you through networking, job interviewing, negotiation, and improved workplace communication skills.

Business Development Consulting

Improve vision, team dynamics, business model, and reach for your organization. We consult with orgs positively impacting the neurodiversity ecosystem. Past organizations that we catalyzed, branded, or helped improve include:, Brendan Sailing, Beaufort Community Sailing and , and Quality of Life TechWorks.

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